John Dobie, CEO Broomfield Sign Company

To whom it may concern:
Gary Chapman, whom I’ve known for 25 years, is without doubt one of the best and most honest businessmen I’ve come across.
When I decided to enter the Sign Business in Perth in 1991, Gary provided all my equipment and software to get me started. He then taught me how to use it AND set me up with my first customers! After that, he was always available to help out, 24/7 and I have seen, over the years, that he provides the same level of service to ALL his customers.
I sold my first business, Norfolk Signs, to move to the USA and in 1999 started BSC Signs in Denver, Colorado.
Using what Gary had taught me and the experience from my own small business, BSC Signs grew and today we have 42 Employees working in a 2,400sqm facility. Even now, after all these years, Gary is always available to share his knowledge and give advice. I treasure the many times we have met up at the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas where we share our life experiences, friendship and yes, some business.
If you are in the market for sign making equipment or even thinking of getting into the business, call Gary. He will give you honest advice and the best solution for what you are trying to achieve.
And, if you ever find yourself in Denver, come visit our shop!